We are SOMA. 

And now you are part of it.


 is more an art project than a brand.

We embrace the unknown and mysterious.

We push limits and try to go beyond them.

We love Rollerblading, art and any kind of 

self expression through movement.

SOMA describes the feeling of the flow. 

A high focused state of mind where the body 

is taking control over the brain and the mind 

is acting intuitively.

This is when you enter the zone where pure 

creativity awakens.

We believe in a connectedness of people 

through sports and arts.

With buying our products you contribute to 

rethink how we deal with resources.

Our Resurrection Collection is handmade 

and based on second hand materials.

Every piece is unique and limited.

We design and produce in Switzerland and 


We thank you for supporting us and wish you 

good times with our goods.


Welcome to the SOMA-Tribe !